We’re a full-service Bay-Area construction and project-management company,
and we create homes in which people love to live.

We’re a full-service Bay-Area construction and project-management company, and we create homes
in which people love to live.

What we give every client, every time

Responsiveness Prosper


Questions, concerns, changes—you’ll have them, and we’ll respond: promptly, thoroughly, and with a great attitude.

Transparency Prosper


We’re clear about the cost, scope, and length of a project, and open about any issues that arise during the course of the job.

Satisfaction Prosper


We don’t pack up until the job is done, down to every last detail.

Everything Prosper


Engineering and architectural planning, permits, design consultation, and help with the selection of building materials and fixtures.

Full-Service Project Management

Building Permit

construction permits

Adding permanent structures to your property, as well as remodeling or renovations that involve plumbing, electric, or mechanical systems, requires construction permits. We’ll get them for you—by pulling your site plans, getting a stamp from a surveyor, engineer, or architect, and dealing directly with your jurisdiction.

Architectural Plans

Engineering and Architectural Plans

Our team of engineers and architects work directly with clients to create detailed plans for their new home, room addition, or remodel. We work according to your specifications and budget, in accordance with the particular conditions of your site or existing structure, and in anticipation of your future needs from your home.

interior design

If you have limited time or resources, are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, and would appreciate the help of a trained eye—no problem. Our design team’s experts can help you source what you really need for your home, prevent you from making costly material or fixture mistakes, and work directly with your contractor to make sure the work fits precisely with your vision.

our services

Making a windows Installation, expanding your kitchen, adding an in-law unit, or thinking about home renovation? We’ve done it all including Garage conversion and Foundation repair projects and we’d be honored to do whatever you need to make your home feel right, too

Kitchen Remodeling Prosper

kitchen remodeling

Upgrade to meet your family's needs and your own personal style. You’ll also boost your home’s resale value and can increase energy and water savings, too.

Custom Home Build Prosper

Custom Home Build

Build in your dream location, optimize your lot, design for your needs, and get exactly—down to every last faucet and doorknob—what you want.

Bathroom Remodeling Prosper

bathroom remodeling

Increase your home’s resale value while fixing existing problems, updating worn materials, expanding storage space, and—best of all—creating a enjoyable escape.

Landscape Design Prosper

Landscape Design

Investing in beautiful surroundings pays off if you decide to sell your home in the future, but it also enables you to enjoy your property—all of your property—today.

See What They’re Saying

What People Say About Us on Google

Gavyn Paxton
Gavyn Paxton
To resume my experience with this kitchen remodeling company, I can state that their services are excellent in all ways, and the staff is second to none. You might read reviews and view cost estimates, but you won't find better kitchen remodeling pros near you than this one.
Thuy Tran
Thuy Tran
Rare to find such well rounded individuals with such talent, and this Prosper construction team is a gem of a find!  These guys are professional and do excellent work. Mark and Hugo did an outstanding job remodeling my kitchen. Mark was the estimator and project manager; he was direct, honest, respectful, and always responsive.  He did an excellent job managing the scope, schedule and budget.  He communicated scope clearly and priced the work fairly.  While always mindful of our budget, Mark presented options for us to consider and helped us make decisions.  He was diligent to check in often and ensure that work was progressing per schedule.  Mark is extraordinary and one of the best construction persons we have worked with. Hugo is an extremely competent tradesmen and did an amazing job with demo, plumbing, electrical, drywall, cabinet install and painting.  He was very detailed and clean with his work and were very respectful of our adjacent living space. Highly recommend and will use the Prosper team again without hesitation!
lsbn col
lsbn col
Michael supervised the installation of the hardwood flooring in my father's studio. Before the installation, he and his crew relocated all of the bookcases and desks. My father adored the hardwood flooring.
Steven K. Radden
Steven K. Radden
They've been working in the garage conversion for approximately two months, and now we can rent out the area and earn some extra cash. The Prosper construction firm, who will be contacted when maintenance is needed, made a spectacular home addition. They fit like a glove to any garage conversion project.
Villads L. Juhl
Villads L. Juhl
We've cleaned our roof many times, but last time we damage some shingles. We had to look for a roof contractor to replace some shingles and got in touch with these guys. Throughout the service, the roofing contractor was quite helpful, we even made some additional changes thank to them.
Dustin Kenna
Dustin Kenna
"This business helped us build the guest room two months ago. The room addition next to the laundry area was completed quickly. They did an excellent job of recreating the design we provided, and we are extremely pleased with the result. "
Lilit Safaryan
Lilit Safaryan
Absolutely Amazing!! These two words don't give justice to the fantastic service and care that Mark and his team provided. We had a condo that was terribly damaged by ruptured fire sprinkler pipe. Mark managed and coordinated construction and permit steps seamlessly and very professionally. He was always available and very quick with responses. We are very happy and satisfied with the quality of work that Prosper Construction Development and the team provided. Thank you Mark! Highly recommended!
Megan O'Sullivan
Megan O'Sullivan
We worked with Prosper Construction Development over about an 8 month process (3 months planning, 5 months construction) to completely transform our entire house. We added 340 sq. ft. including a bedroom, bathroom, and office. We completely changed our downstairs layout by removing structural walls and re-configuring the entire space to an open concept (using the steel beams that Prosper has installed to date). We re-piped the entire house, upgraded our electrical panel, and installed new copper lines, as well as added overhead lighting. Our downstairs has all new insulation and drywall, and kitchen is now huge and gorgeous. I really can't say enough good things about Prosper Construction

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