Hardwood Flooring Installation in Novato

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Have you ever wished to upgrade your home’s interior design and add some more life to your hardwood flooring installation in Novato? Are you thinking about repainting or upgrading your whole hardwood flooring setup? If so, you’ve come to the ideal place. Today we’re going to talk about some fantastic methods to increase the value of your home in addition to how to make your house appearance nicer than ever before.
Typically, hardwood flooring was set up as flat, incomplete wood boards which were then refinished and safeguarded with a felt protective surface coat. This was frequently achieved by “shaving” the wood surface utilizing a sharp, narrow-toothed sander. However, this method frequently left large, unsightly scratches in the wood which were extremely hard to fix. The other alternative was to purchase prefinished, solid hardwood boards that needed no “shaving” of the wood’s surface. Sadly, prefinished solid hardwood flooring has a slightly lower resale value than prefinished unstained hardwood. In addition, solid hardwood floors are far more hard to set up and can cost anywhere from three times as much as flat flooring to six times as much.

So, what’s a great option to prefinished flooring? Numerous homeowners have turned to engineered hardwood flooring to help make their homes look more appealing and at the same time help to reduce the overall cost of their home improvement projects. This kind of flooring is made from pieces of thick wood that are bonded together under high heat and pressure. When these boards are created, they are then covered in a long lasting surface sealant that will secure the wood for years to come. Usually, this kind of flooring comes ready-to-assemble (RTA) which means you don’t need to purchase any tools or start your own project from scratch. Instead, you merely need to thoroughly determine the area that you want to put the planks, sand the planks to the ideal finish and then put them together.

You might wonder why some homeowners pick prefinished hardwood flooring over conventional techniques. First of all, prefinished hardwood boards will have a nearly consistent appearance. Because of this, they will be much easier to match with existing furnishings and they will also blend in better with the rest of the house. Because the planks are put together in a factory according to your specific design, you can even make the planks appear to be entirely different colors.

Another benefit of prefinished hardwood flooring and engineered flooring is that if the planks are harmed throughout installation, all you have to do is sand them down till they look the way you want them to and then finish them as you normally would. Numerous homeowners prefer to utilize these prefinished solid hardwood flooring materials for their own projects instead of spending the cash to set up real wood. In addition, if you have any concerns about the method the planks are constructed or if you discover any defects, you won’t have to pay additional to have them fixed, which can be a costly part of the project.

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Hardwood Flooring Installation in Novato – The Very Best Way to Install Your New Floor and Keep It Looking Great

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