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A granny unit, an in-law unit, even tiny houses, are quite useful. While some accessory dwelling units are intended for relatives who want to live independently but need the proximity of loved ones, others are an excellent way for a homeowner to earn extra income through rent or just have extra living space. Whether internal, attached, or detached, ADUs are a potentially cost-effective, long-term solution to a range of issues homeowners face.

To ensure that your ADU adds to your home’s value, the Prosper design and construction team can help you match your existing home exterior and maximize the allotted space and budget. We can also consult on ways to make even the smallest spaces feel open, comfortable, and inviting.

Ask us about vaulted ceilings, high windows, and recessed fixtures.

Benefits of ADU’s


Accessory Dwelling Units commonly referred to as secondary suites adorn many homes today. In addition to the obvious advantages of having more living space, secondary suites, or in-house apartments, are usually self-contained, self-constructed apartments, cottages, condos, or other small residential spaces, which are located directly on top of a property which has a separate main, multi-family dwelling. Because this arrangement is more compact and more energy-efficient than traditional residential housing, many people are choosing to build or purchase accessory dwellings as an alternative to their primary home.

Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Whether it is an in-house apartment, villa, condominium, townhome, modular building, modular ranch house, etc., adding accessory dwelling units helps you never feel trapped by renting in a small area. When living in a small area, you might want to live someplace else, but if you have an extra bedroom, extra living space, or extra furniture, you can always choose to live in a small apartment or condo that does not restrict your lifestyle too much. In addition, when you have an extra bedroom or additional living space, you can use that space to decorate your home or office to better suit your tastes. This can add a lot of value to your property, increasing the resale value of your residential building.

Upgrade Your Home With An ADU

Developing an ADU on the side of the main home can provide homeowners with additional living space on a temporary basis, as well as additional income. You can customize your own Accessory dwelling unit just as you would a house. Accessory dwelling units can be of various types. There are single-room studios, one and two-bedroom units, studios with or without bathrooms, and studio apartments.

There are many different types of structures available including Victorian, Tudor, and log cabin styles. In addition, you will find the traditional ranch, mission, and country styles.

You can accessorize your new home with extra space, add an extra bedroom, a second bathroom, and other amenities, the options are almost unlimited. It is also called apartment living, condos, residential rentals, and housing. Double cabins, extra bedrooms, master suites, bunk beds, studios, and mobile homes can all be part of the accessory dwelling unit.

When wanting to increase your overall profit, you may want to consider adding a hot tub, entertainment center, outdoor kitchen, large-screen television, security system, and/or a covered parking area. Although these items are not strictly necessary to keep the property in order, they do help to make it more appealing to potential renters.

Hire Prosper For Professional And Reliable Construction Services

When planning your addition, it is important to work out a comprehensive remodeling plan for the entire property. This includes thinking about the wiring, plumbing, and any electrical fixtures that you will be placed on the deck or anywhere else on the property. For example, if you are placing your new accessory dwelling unit, on a surface that is hard, such as concrete, you need to consult a contractor about the best foundation to use, whether it is cement, poured, cast, tile, etc. There are a number of different foundation options to choose from, depending on what you are trying to achieve. In Prosper we have the most professional and reliable team ready to help you with any kind of remodeling project, just give us a call today and request a free consultation with us. 


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