Dwelling Units (ADU)

Prosper Services- Accessory Dwelling Unit Prosper

A granny unit, an in-law unit, even tiny houses—whatever you call it, you can’t deny its usefulness. Some accessory dwelling units are intended for older relatives who want to live independently, but need the proximity of loved ones. Others are an excellent way for a homeowner to earn extra income through rent. Whether internal, attached, or detached, ADUs are a potentially cost-effective, long-term solution to a range of issues homeowners face.

To ensure that your ADU adds, and not detracts, from your home’s value, the Prosper design and construction team can help you match your existing home exterior and maximize the allotted space and budget. We can also consult on ways to make even the smallest spaces feel open, comfortable, and inviting.

Ask us about vaulted ceilings, high windows, and recessed fixtures.